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As financial strategists, we enjoy nothing more than seeing happy clients gain financial solutions that are tailored to their needs and keeps them generating wealth and achieving their financial goals year after year. An overview of our services is provided below, and we encourage you to contact us or click on the links to find out more about the sections relevant to you.

Budgeting and Debt Mangemet
Personal Insurance


Budget. A word that seems to strike fear into the heart of most of us. We all know that we need one but don’t know how to create one or just don’t want too!

But without one, you’re flying blind, financially. A budget is not a limitation, as many people see it – it’s a great way to create and realise opportunity as well as helping you manage your day-to-day financial situation.

By creating a budget, you will realise where you have significant areas of wastage, plan for future outgoings (those that often blow us off course and disrupt all other areas of our financial lives) as well as save.

But the main reason you should budget is that it creates opportunities. Shares, investment properties, high yield savings; these are just a few of the things that can be achieved merely by being financially disciplined and having a thorough understanding of your overall situation. If you’d like to know more, download our fact sheet by clicking on the link below.

Budgeting and Debt Management Desk
Personal Insurance Family


Personal Insurance. How much do I need? What sort do I need? What’s available? Is it scalable? How do I pay for it? There are so many questions that need answering, it really can be so overwhelming.

The only thing that’s obvious is that to protect yourself, your family or your assets from the unexpected or unthinkable you need insurance. Until now you’ve played roulette with your future, and it’s worked. But that’s not necessarily always going to be the case.

That’s where we come in.

We can help in negotiating the maze of vendors and types of insurance helping you to craft a plan that’s not only tailored to your needs and situation now but is scalable and adaptable so that as you change and grow, your insurance will change with you.

If you feel that you’re under-insured or you have no insurance at all, let us help. Download our Personal Insurance fact sheet by clicking on the link below.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance Blackboard


Business Insurance is something you must have. In some cases, the law demands it? But not unlike Compulsory Third Party insurance, does the cover you have provide a safety net for you if things go wrong and not just your customers?

The first question is, what do I need to insure against? This changes from business to business and is dictated by what the company does, who for and at what kind of risk? Then there’s the insurance against things that you’d never even have thought of?

Business Insurance can be confusing and demanding and is a strategy, not something ‘bought off the shelf’. Your needs can and probably will, change over time as your company grows and identifying what you need and what you don’t can be critical.

If you’d like to have a better understanding of where you’re at business insurance wise, then get in touch. Alternatively, if you’d like a better understanding of what’s available, download our Business Insurance fact sheet by clicking on the link below.

Estate Planning


What happens to all of your assets upon your death? Who gets them, what do they get and when do they get it? Estate Planning ensures that these questions are planned for and that your assets pass to your chosen beneficiaries smoothly and tax efficiently.

Estate Planning is not something that should be neglected. Your assets should be identified, and a succession plan implemented with the correct documentation completed as early as possible for amendment over time.

Many people don’t have much idea about what is inheritable, nor do they understand circumstances that are specific to their personal circumstances that can become an issue after their death. Each individual is unique with their own issues and solutions and requires specific, considered advice to ensure that what they pass on is maximised.

Whilst we provide general recommendations to clients regarding wills and estate planning, we outsource these services to a qualified legal consultant to ensure correct compliance.


To find out more about wills, trusts and what you can and can’t do, get in touch for a consultation or download our Estate Planning fact sheet by clicking on the link below.

Estate Planning Couple
Superannuation Girl


How much is enough? How do I maximise what I have, how do I make more? Common enough questions. Of course, the answers are different from person-to-person but there are ways to make more of what you have now to make more for your individual future.

Superannuation doesn’t form part of an individual’s estate however, is often one of most people’s most significant financial assets and of course, it’s what you’ll rely on when you finish work – so planning is critical.

To make the most of the funds and time you have, it is essential that you seek sound, impartial advice from a professional that will help you understand where you are, what you have and how best to proceed. After all, making the wrong decisions now could impact you significantly at retirement age.

If you’d like to find out more about your own situation get in touch or download our Superannuation fact sheet by clicking on the link below.


As the name suggests, a Self-Managed Superannuation fund is one where the individual takes responsibility for the management, investment and administration of the fund as a ‘Trustee’. In essence, it is a super fund run or operated via a trust.

There are some definite benefits; control of your super and the ability to make key decisions, costs can be significantly lower, tax advantages (depending on how you’re set up) and the ability to fund property purchases.

There are costs involved, and these are dependent upon your personal situation. You’ll need to consider how many people will be trustees on the fund, you’ll also need a certain amount of money in your super before you can begin plus it’s vital that you understand the responsibilities of managing your own superannuation.

The process of set-up involves creating a trust deed, appointing trustees, completing ATO forms, setting up a bank account, rolling over your super, setting an investment strategy and so on and can be quite complex. If you’d like to know more, get in touch or download our Self-Managed Superannuation fact sheet by clicking on the link below.

Self Managed Super Manager
Self Managed Superannuation
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